Studio Barrato Muravas


If water is History and Archaeology is a vase, what shape does it take?

The Dreamer, The Diver & The Oculus Rifter.

Under any Sea Lie

Coming back from the swift moving dream in which he had been wrapped he found himself awake lying in the bottom of what seemed to be a deep never-ending cave. Opening his eyes didn’t really make much of a difference. The darkness spewed all over mounting everything up until the furthest point the eye can see. A tiny opening a narrow slit cutting through the rocks was the only visible point of orientation. An indicator for where was upwards and where was downwards.

A fish broken down in two parts split in the middle cut in two halves a male head turned upside down. If the vessel forms and shapes that past history is bound to follow.

Text: Haris Giannouras, from the homonymous publication

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