Kostas Lambridis       

Mingling Dynasty. 2020

Plastic, wood, bones, electronics
Studio team: Taxiarchis Balaskas, Barry Llewellyn, Leo Maher, Foivos Petropoulos, Jason Lambridis

Material culture has always been the barometer  of prosperity in human history. Through a  process that is rarely conscious and we might  not fully understand, the objects that surround  us record and transfer to the future diverse  information about the time and the conditions  they were created, the people that used them,  the life they were living etc. In that sense  designers today don’t just design objects, they  do far more than that: they design a world that is  determined by these objects and a society that  is determined by this world. 
This project aims to mingle materiality and  meaning of past, present and future civilisations. 

The Altar set pictured below is displayed in the  Metropolitan Museum in NY and is a set of ritual  bronzes, consisting of an altar table and thirteen  wine vessels that illustrates the splendour of  China’s Bronze Age at its peak. 
During that period, some 3.500 years ago,  bronze was widely used to make everything,  from armour and weapons to home utensils and tools. We could say that bronze was somehow  the plastic of its time. However these elaborate  vessels were originally used in the offering of  wine and foods to the spirits in ancestral rites,  state ceremonies, and various ritual sacrifices.  “The monumental design, intricate surface  decoration, and refined casting attest  convincingly to artistic sophistication and tech nological advancement” says MET.

The Mingling Dynasty set is the product of a  concepting and making process that could be  called “reverse archeology”. It is made out of future fossils, the so-called “Plastiglomerate”, a  new type of rock that contains mixtures  of sedimentary grains and other natural debris like wood or bones, that is held  together by hardened molten plastic. The  emergence of this new layer on the surface of  the earth is being used as physical evidence of a  marker horizon for an Anthropocene Epoch. 

The objects composing this set are also  evidence of the contemporary technological  advancement imported from modern China: a  set of electronic gadgets / ritualistic paraphernalia that are not meant to be buried  with the dead. Quite the opposite: they are  excavated for the entertainment of the living.

The Mingling Dynasty is where nature and  material culture become one. Its where the  dump and the museum become right here, when  the past and the future become right now.


Kostas Lambridis (1988) is a Greek designer based in Athens, Greece. He started his studies on Syros island in Greece, where he obtained a diploma in Design Engineering. In 2011 he moved to Eindhoven, The Netherlands to work for Nacho Carbonell and he remained a vital member of the studio for 8 years. In the meantime he continued his studies at the “Contextual Design” master’s program of the Design Academy Eindhoven and he graduated Cum Laude in 2017. His graduatio project “Elemental Cabinet” brought him international attention and he participated several group exhibitions ever since. In 2019 he was part of "Metamorphosis: Art in Europe now" at Fondatio Cartier in Paris. He is currently preparing for his debut solo exhibition in 2021 at Carpenters Workshop Gallery.

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