The video Calor was first presented as part of the installation Matter delights and artificial instincts. It features a rotisserie mechanism traditionally used for the Greek Easter roasting of the lamb, which animates a tower of eggs, and an outdated and flesh-tearing , anti-cellulite personal massager, trying to sculpt all the surfaces around it in frustration. Besides it dealing with the materiality of family and gender roles, the video alludes to the life and death of designed objects and inventions, the basic mechanisms used to modernise traditional practises and the pace at which design becomes outdated.


Calor_2017 on Vimeo.

Hypercomf is a multidisciplinary artist identity, materialized as a fictitious company profile, founded in 2017 in Athens, Greece producing on location, site and time specific projects and activations. The main subjects of research revolve around the relationship between nature, humans  and technology/industry and themes such as the interaction between organic and digital networks, nature-machine duality, employment, the coincidence of comfort and discomfort in daily gestures, and the singular social cyber brain as part of the natural ecosystem. This research feeds a constantly developing narrative based on a non-anthropocentric approach on anthropogenic issues, and results in films, community involvement projects, collaborations with scientists, audiovisual installations, textile tapestries, soft sculpture, wearables, multifunctional objects, diy publications and repurposed marketing tools.

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