TINOS 2019
Cargo porcelain collection is the result of a symbolic and actual journey that explores the relationship between humans, natural resources, places and processes of creation. The symbolic journey is related on one hand to the natural course of the stone in space and time, that is captured into ceramic forms. Then, to the continuation of this journey, in the contemporary age, where the stone as a natural resource is stacked and transported as forms of goods.
The result of this porcelain utensil is a replica of the physical object. The aim of the project is to create a memory object that

brings this journey to the user without causing distortion and

damage to the natural environment.
The actual journey concerns on one side the trip of the working team to Aghios Dimitrios beach in Tinos, where the molds were made “in situ” from basalt and slate stones. And on the other sid the team’s return trip to Athens with the molds in 01/2019. GPS coordinates of the beach [37°34'04.0"N 25°14'22.9"E].
The materials that were used (plaster, clay, glass, porcelain) throughout the journey of creation from the mold to the production of the ceramics, are creations of natural processes. The ceramics were transferred from Tinos to Athens and from the workshop to the exhibition inside crakters which were also used as interior supports for the inox surfaces. These surfaces will be reused in the next work of the team informed by the same philosophy.@un.processedrealities