UN P R 18T (Un.Processed Realities) were founded in Tinos during the summer of 2018. Their motivation derives from common questions about the operation of the established system of production and exploitation of matter, around the culture of design, the consumer habits, the perception of reality, creation and destruction.

Each of UN P R 18T work emerges as a ‘side effect’ of the process and not as an end in itself. It is a result of anthropological, sociological and geographical observation. Its creation is based on experimentation, self-production, on minimal consumption of matter and energy, re-use, and on the management of available local resources. The place of creation plays a very important role in the development of the project; it functions as a context of new considerations and data and at the same time it determines the construction methods.

Each of UN P R 18T work is a hybrid of nature and industry. Through the interdependent and contrasted natural and industrial materials and their way of process is highlighted the existence of one material in relation to the other; also the conceptual dipoles: man vs nature, paradox vs logical, rationalism vs mystical-spiritual, real-imaginary are reflected.

Each of UN P R 18T work functions as a motive for attitude change in which initiates from us and ends to the viewer. Through the research, the subject and the visual communication, our goal is to strengthen the critical tools, both ours and each person’s engaged in the project.


NIKI DANAI CHANIA co-founder/designer
DIMITRIS TAMPAKIS co-founder/visual artist/designer
GIANNIS DELLATOLAS collaborator/sculptor